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New Retail Channels for Hardware Startups to Launch Products

Right now is perhaps one of the best times in history to launch a new startup. The internet is the great equalizer as ever, and has ensured that every company is on an equal playing field when it comes to … Continue reading

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Optimizing Packaging for Major Retailers for Hardware Startups

Major retailers such as Amazon and Brookstone are leading the way when it comes to sales of hardware products and a range of other consumer goods, and if you can get your products onto their shelves or e-commerce site, they … Continue reading

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Getting your Hardware Product into Retail with Amy Wenslow of Product to Profits

Amy Wenslow is the CEO of Products to Profits, a consulting company that specializes in helping small businesses & hardware startups get their products onto the shelves of retail stores. There aren’t a lot of resources focused on how to … Continue reading

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Product Certifications You Need To Know About

If you intend to market or manufacture your product overseas, then you will need to understand international product certifications. Product certifications essentially ensure that a product has passed various performance tests and quality assurance checks before it hits the mass … Continue reading

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Where Else to Sell Your Geeky Products After You Make Them: Brick & Mortar Stores

Every entrepreneur has envisioned their product to be on the shelves of big box stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Target etc. It is the most traditional model for selling a physical product, and can be split into big box … Continue reading

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Creating Your Own E-Commerce Store

There are a thousand things you have to do while bringing a product into the market. One of these things is figuring out how to sell directly to your customer.  An effective way to generate early revenue and show traction … Continue reading

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