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Client Testimonials

Our clients include hardware start-ups and established product and brand companies. We are expert at helping even the smallest product focused start-up to get its first product to mass market, and we can help you too. Our hardware and product manufacturing clients often start small but can grow to nationally known brands and retail distribution. Take a look at what they have say about Berkeley Sourcing Group.

BSG Client Testimonials

Just Ask Jennifer Morton

Berkeley Sourcing Group has been a pleasure to work with. They have helped me take my pet product concept to a reality with ease and efficiency. I would recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jennifer Morton
CEO Pet-Eez

Just Ask Kim Babjak

I have been working with Greg Fisher, and Berkeley Sourcing Group for some time now, and I highly recommend their services. Greg and his team of engineers, cut and sew production managers, factory and staff worked with me and my client Robert Kiyosaki , of Rich Dad Poor Dad Company, for the precise execution of their recent Rich Dad Asian tour materials. Berkeley sourcing group helped us with the design and development of their GPS product, and the team work and deliverable to three countries was flawless.

The attention to their detail of every component and process was remarkable and when it came to problem solving, their team responded without fail. I plan on working with Greg and his team for a long time to come.

Kim Babjak
Founder, KimCo LLC Retail Product Placement Expert

Just Ask Alan Regala

Berkeley Sourcing Group does a tremendous job finding and managing the right factories for my products, and I’ve always been pleased with their customer service and attention to detail. I highly recommend BSG to anyone seeking assistance with overseas manufacturing.

Alan Regala
Founder, Everday Innovations, LLC

Just Ask Erick P. Flatt

Berkeley Sourcing Group continues to be a trusted and dedicated partner. We engaged them to develop the next generation Sweat GUTR Sweatbands and implement more efficient production and quality control processes. BSG was not only able to meet my strict quality control standards, but continues to exceed them! Our improved products are a hit so we are currently ramping production capabilities to meet increased demand. Their team in China is excellent to work with and I will continue to recommend BSG as a sourcing partner to other organizations.

Erick P. Flatt

Just Ask Mark Delman

Berkeley Sourcing Group is a great resource for entrepreneurs who want to quickly and affordably move their product idea from the drawing board to the store shelf.

Mark Delman
Founder, CEO Chicken Waterer

Just Ask Aditya Dayal

When I first met Greg he was thinking of starting his own company as was I. Over the years, I’ve worked quite bit with Greg and his team at BSG. They played a critical role in enabling us find a relatively low cost, high quality solution to creating our first few beta and pilot units. Many of the critical parts on our product were manufactured through BSG. If you’re a HW startup, and you want a reliable vendor / partner to help you go from a design or early prototype stage to production go talk to Berkeley Sourcing Group!

Aditya Dayal

Just Ask Lei Yu

Lastly, thanks for everyone’s hard work!! I got the production line samples from Tyler this morning (he’s landed safely) and they are BEAUTIFUL!! I had tears in my eyes. Everyone has put in SO MUCH hard work, long hours, to get to today. BSG has done an awesome job so far! Our customers are going to love it! It was worth it to invest the extra money on design and everyone’s suggestions has really helped to make this a phenomenally better product than when we first started. Please take a moment to celebrate your own success! I truly mean it!

Lei Yu

Just Ask Gabor Kocsis

I started working with Greg at BSG back in 2013 when the Mesh Bottle was still a rough concept. Over the years he and his team helped us develop one of the most crucial components of our product. Their professionalism and attention to detail made it possible that we have a functioning product today. I strongly recommend them to future entrepreneurs and product developers.

Gabor Kocsis
Founder of Meshbottles

Gabor Kocsis

Just Ask Eric Due

Working with Berkeley Sourcing Group has been a rewarding and professional experience. Everyone involved has been attentive and followed through with their commitments and expectations. The management has been great and the manufacturing experience has been reliable. It was critical for us to have a local management group with manufacturing sources at a cost effective price point. Berkeley Sourcing Group has delivered in all areas. We are more than happy to be moving forward with BSG and highly recommend them based on the level of professionalism we have experienced.

Eric Due

Just Ask Steve McGough

I can’t say enough good things about the entire team at Berkeley Sourcing Group. They’re simply amazing. I received 5 quotes from other groups and Berkeley Sourcing Group was the most cost effective and has delivered on everything they’ve promised – and then some.

They created a fantastic industrial design, surprised me by being able to utilize components that were more durable and cost effective, and their compression molding is superior to anything I’ve seen. All for a lower cost.

Plus the fact that they have a presence in China and own the factory – but are US based means you can call or skype and directly interact with them – in English. They’re effectively a one stop shop. This may not seem like a big deal but if you have ever work with a group that relies on outsourcing and layers of middle men between you and the factory – you’ll quickly learn just how wonderful it is to work directly.

Steve McGough

Just Ask Jakub Konik

BSG brought our complex induction charged wearable product Lovely to life in just 9 months on an extremely tight budget. We had a very short production time frame, but they made it happen and now we are selling to thousands of people from all around the world. I’m 100% sure we wouldn’t have met our manufacturing deadlines without them!

Jakub Konik