Outsourced manufacturing – it’s a process – but one that we can help you with every step of the way.

Berkeley Sourcing Group’s extensive networks and teams in China allow our clients to effectively manage their production. Across numerous industries and all along the way, we can help you with one or more steps in the long chain of links and steps. As your sourcing partner, we are your link throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your needs are met and provide experienced guidance to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way.


  • Defining product need – functional spec, materials need and BOM, materials spec
  • Market and Marketing Strategy – define and understand markets and marketing
  • Client prototype creation
  • Crowdfunding strategy and planning
  • Engineering and design support – design for manufacturing
  • Developing an IP protection plan


  • Sourcing qualified factories
  • Tooling – mold for injection molding – preparing for manufacturing
  • Pre-Production Prototype/Create gold standard/First product for testing/Production Master
  • Manufacturing – Mass production manufacturing and assembly – Production run/First articles
  • Quality Control – Inline production quality control
  • In House Manufacturing (volume and price) – possible Joint Venture Factory

QC Delivery

  • Packaging
  • Final Quality Control
  • Shipping/Logistics
  • Feedback collection and process improvement – Next order strategy – Preparations