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5 Important Considerations When Sourcing Hardware Products Online

The time has come for you to find a manufacturing partner that can produce your hardware product. You want to take advantage of an overseas manufacturing strategy and you heard of this website called Alibaba where factories are lined up … Continue reading

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Quality Control vs Quality Assurance

If you are outsourcing your manufacturing, then making sure that there is good quality control in place is absolutely crucial. This is what will ensure that any of your products are produced exactly to specification before they end up in … Continue reading

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Product Certifications You Need To Know About

If you intend to market or manufacture your product overseas, then you will need to understand international product certifications. Product certifications essentially ensure that a product has passed various performance tests and quality assurance checks before it hits the mass … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge 3D Printing Technologies (And the New Abilities They Give You)

Whether you’re using 3D printing for prototyping or manufacturing, it is an incredible new prototyping tool that has opened all kinds of doors for hardware startups and entrepreneurs. Now anyone with some basic CAD skills can see their vision realized … Continue reading

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Is UL Certification Required for Your Hardware Product?

The UL certification is a North American Product certification that comes from Underwriter Laboratories. It shows that the product in question was tested by UL, and that it meets US and Canadian safety standards. Products displaying this mark are likely … Continue reading

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The 8-Bit Lit Lamp Project (Part 2)

In this post I’ll continue where I left off in the last post and tell you more about our experience concerning the 8-Bit Lit Lamp project. Sourcing Materials By the end of the last post, we had hit a roadblock.  The … Continue reading

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The 8-Bit Lit Lamp Project (Part 1)

The following blog is written by an intern, Johnny Star, a mechanical engineering junior from UC Berkeley that worked with us throughout the summer.  Since his perspective is similar to a lot of our client’s in terms of exposure to … Continue reading

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The Best Time to Go to China to Oversee Product Manufacturing

I have a client who is on a tight timeline and we both think it will be a good idea for him to visit the factory with our team to help make decisions quickly to cut down the time to … Continue reading

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Getting Un-stuck

One of the most common phrases I hear from my clients is, “I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know where to start”.  There is a LOT to know and do well if you are taking a product to … Continue reading

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China’s New 5 Year Plan

Twelfth Five-Year Plan: Overview China’s Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development is a pivotal tool used by the government to execute its development objectives by mapping out in five-year cycles the country’s future progress via guidelines, policy frameworks, and targets … Continue reading

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