As an international sourcing company, sourcing your factory and manufacturing your product are the meat and bones of what we do at Berkeley Sourcing Group. We’ve been doing this for years. We have evaluated over 800 products for China based manufacture and have helped to produce millions of units of products across several industries. Once your product is ready for China production, we’re ready to get you going. And once you’re up and going – we’re constantly checking and testing to ensure you and your final customers, get exactly what is expected. Unlike other sourcing groups, our CEO/Founder, while based in Berkeley, CA, spends 1/3rd of his time on the ground in China, ensuring the quality of your production and your satisfaction.


Sourcing qualified, international factories is at the crux of what we do – hence it’s in our name at Berkeley Sourcing Group. After a decade in business, our first stop in finding your qualified factory is one of our many partner facilities, but we don’t stop there – we search for the best match for our hardware and product clients needs – and we can do this for you too. China is always changing, so the key is to be equally adaptable, applying best practices to the current market and always being ready and able to identify the new best option.

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Tooling is an essential element in production since well-built tools are often integral to effective and high quality manufacturing. We follow the well primed adage – measure twice and cut once. Tooling, depending on your hardware item or product involves creating molds for injection molding – or other manufacturing tools or aids, such as cutting tools, dies, fixtures, gauges, jigs, injection molds and/or patterns. All of these new “tools” are specially prepared for our hardware client’s specific product and maintained regularly ensuring optimal performance.

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Prototyping for manufacturing is slightly different than the hand crafted or 3dprinted prototype that you may have already created and used to prove your product or show in your crowd-funding campaign. When it comes time for mass production, we will help you to create a “Pre-Production Prototype” – which then serves as and is also known as your gold standard, first product for testing and/or production master. This gold standard allows everyone throughout the supply chain to be on the same page regarding expectations. We then employ the necessary process controls to make sure we reach this level of quality throughout manufacturing.

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While the term, “Manufacturing” embodies the entire process of mass production – it also means the specific action of manufacturing and assembly; the point when the production run begins and the “first articles” are completed. Once we’ve sourced the right factory for our clients and have created the pre-production prototype – the factory gets to work converting the raw materials, components and parts into your finished hardware goods and products. Depending on the product being created, this may include any number of processes (extrusions, die cutting, injection molding, compression molding…) and will generally always require a final assembly.

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Quality Control:

Quality control is an ongoing process of improvement for us and our partner factories at Berkeley Sourcing Group. We help establish the correct specifications and expectations with the factories and ensure they have put the necessary inspection in place, or go in ourselves to get their workers up to speed. Throughout the process we require raw material inspection, in-process inspection and a variety of others. Once the factory has completed all of their inspection with support from our team, we do our own 3rd party final inspection of the outgoing goods to confirm that any problems have been caught before they get on the boat or make it into any end-users hands!

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In House Manufacturing/Joint Venture Factory:

As you grow, you will have different needs for controlling IP, quality, meeting capacity, and cost. We have the rare ability as a US company to help you manage that growth in your factory operations in China by opening a factory on your behalf. By building the factory from scratch for your product we can optimize the location, staff, and other resources to best meet your needs.

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