Clients & Products

We measure our success by the success of our clients and their products. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your customers rave about your products and seeing the smile on your face when you realize the fruits of your labor and passion. We know it’s a difficult journey, but there are few better feelings than when it all comes together and you see happy customers with your product in their hands.

Product Spotlights

ATTENTION!! We are currently re-designing this section of our website to showcase how we've helped hardware startups and small businesses design & manufacture their innovative products for mass production.

Client Testimonials

Our clients include hardware start-ups and established product and brand companies. We are expert at helping even the smallest product-focused start-up get its first product to mass market, and we can help you too.

Just ask Erick P. Flatt:

Berkeley Sourcing Group continues to be a trusted and dedicated partner. We engaged them to develop the next generation Sweat GUTR Sweatbands and implement more efficient production and quality control processes. BSG was not only able to meet my strict quality control standards, but continues to exceed them!