Berkeley Sourcing Group provides turnkey manufacturing services designed for small businesses in a socially responsible and reliable way. As an international sourcing partner, we offer:

Berkeley Sourcing Group’s mission is to provide honest, reliable, and high quality contract manufacturing and sourcing services for small businesses with manufacturing needs by efficiently bridging language, culture, and process gaps. By increasing the value of overseas labor, our aim is to allow our clients to operate at a higher level of manufacturing with reduced costs. We measure our success by the success of our clients and by the improvements we contribute to the lives of our employees, supporting personnel/factory workers and by our philanthropic contribution to those less fortunate both monetarily and through resource allocation.


Having our own factories gives Berkeley Sourcing Group another opportunity to more efficiently serve our customers by doing in-house assembly. Often, the majority of labor cost for a product occurs during the assembly progress. Assembly procedures are usually labor intensive and unique to every product. As such we can achieve major cost savings from doing our own in-house assembly.

Assembly is also often the last natural opportunity to inspect a product as nearly every product must be assembled as the last step in the manufacturing process. Since certain inline inspection items (such as silk screen fullness, fits, alignment etc.) can be done without much additional effort during assembly if workers are well-trained and managed, doing our own in-house assembly gives us an excellent opportunity to have control over the quality of every product.

Doing in-house assembling also presents a significant tool to protect intellectual property. Outsourcing different parts to different suppliers and then putting all the pieces together behind closed doors ensures no Chinese manufacturers see the whole design in order to steal it. With Berkeley Sourcing Group, your final product is in the hands of Western management with a strict philosophy of keeping your idea safe.