Sourcing Qualified Factories

As your manufacturing partner, we have the relationships and experience to find exactly the right factory for your needs. We have existing relationships with over 100 factories in China to choose from immediately, and we also get quotes from new factories for each product to ensure up-to-date pricing and quality (China changes fast so it’s important to always be adapting to stay ahead of the curve).

Berkeley Sourcing Group will then send a project manager and an engineer to visit the relevant factories and, using our specific factory audit procedures, choose a primary and secondary supplier based on quality control, responsiveness, technology, social responsibility, price and many other factors. Throughout the manufacturing process, the project manager in charge of your project will coordinate with the factory engineers and management to ensure on-time delivery and quality, and will communicate the details to you each step of the way.

Western Management at China Labor Prices

By applying Western management practices to the valuable labor resources in China, Berkeley Sourcing Group is able to maximize the potential of the supply chain for your benefit. You can plug and play your product concept or designs into Berkeley Sourcing Group’s contract manufacturing system and get the quality product you need at prices that are competitive with even the largest multinational companies. Design to shipment, we’re a full service manufacturing sourcing partner for whatever needs you have.

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