Skully Helmet

With an funding goal of just $250,000, Skully Helmet, the world’s “smartest” helmet, did not expect such a flamboyant start to their crowdfunding campaign. Within just 6 minutes of the campaign, their goal of $250,000 was surpassed and within 45 hours, Skully Helmet was able to rack in 1 million dollars from an average of $1,425 contribution per contributor using Indiegogo, a crowd-funding site.

What are Skully Helmets?

From Flapnews

From Flapnews

So what about these new helmets are investors lining up to invest? Skully Helmets focuses its technology and design to give the rider not only safer ride, but also a taste of the future. The Skully Helmets have a rear mounted camera showing a 180 degree view of the biker’s rear as well as a GPS system with turn by turn instructions in addition to the biker’s speed.  By connecting the helmet and the rider’s phone through bluetooth, the helmet will also allow the rider to receive/make calls and read/create messages without removing the helmet using their voice recognition system. For those interested in the system itself, the Skully Helmets will be utilizing the Google OS system which will receive regular updates from the “Over the Air” system.

Moving Forward for the Hardware Industry. 

Crowdfunding has allowed for smaller start-ups in the Hardware  industry to raise. As venture capitalists as well as big banks not always willing to invest heavily into the high risk industry, Crowdfunding has paved the way to allow many entrepreneurs to gain not only funds for their projects but also a chance to show off their new products, and Skully Helmets is a great example. I believe that this move is a positive one as it shows the level of success one can gain in the industry and if funds are your problem, your solution may be easier than you think.


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