Hardware Innovators Use Burning Man to Unwind

burning man

By Eli Sinaiko

Burning Man, that awesome annual assemblage in Nevada’s nondescript Black Rock Desert, is almost upon us. Each year, tens of thousands of people gather in this otherwise austere land for a festival of art and music. Among the vast hordes of people that flock to Burning Man in late August are folks who enjoy building and making things- carpenters, roboticists, engineers, entrepreneurs and more. Unsurprisingly labeled “Makers,” this creative cohort is largely responsible for the iconic sculptures, structures and ‘hexayurts’ dotting the Black Rock Desert landscape each year.


From an outside perspective, Burning Man appears to be just like your typical festival- inundated with folks who bought tickets for no other reason than to enjoy an extended party. And to be sure, many people do flock to the desert for precisely this reason. However, for others, chiefly the “Makers,” Burning Man also provides a unique opportunity to cut loose and channel their creative energies in new ways.

How giddy would you feel if you were an architect who designed office buildings for a living and you suddenly had complete artistic liberty to design and build a structure? The annual festival provides a golden opportunity for Makers, Hardwarians, and entrepreneurs to innovate to their heart’s content. At Burning Man, the desert truly becomes the mind’s canvas.


Whether a seasoned Burner, potential first timer, or simply interested in learning more about Burning Man, check out this handy guide for further festival information.

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