New Hardware Technology sets Limits for Teen Drivers

While driving to many is a big step towards growing up, to parents it is a step scary to take. One of the leading causes of death among teenage Americans have been automobile accidents. Most of those accidents occur due to measures of unsafe driving such as speeding as well as being distracted by friends, music, and phone. Two new hardward technology from Ford and General Motors ,however, may make it easier for parents to let their children loose.

Ford MyKey

The Ford MyKEY allows a parents to set the maximum speed to be set at any MPH. The car will also create sounds to remind the driver when the MPH is approaching the maximum limit. Ford is allowing this addition to be placed in all of their Ford cars and proclaims that this is about “helping them (teenagers) manage the transition from childhood to adulthood and keeping them safe while they do it.”

General Motors Family Link

General Motors took a different approach. Rather than controlling the speed of the car, Family Link allows parents to set a parameter of where the car can go.  If the car was to ever cross the boundary a text message will be sent straight to the parent. Also the car can be located anytime through the use of a single application.

Final Thoughts.

While the process of learning how to use a car and letting one’s child let loose is a part of the process, with these hardware creations, parents will feel much at ease understanding the limitations of their children’s actions. This hardware technology lets the companies show their care of the community and focus on improving their safety measures.

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