Designers of Things Conference Offers Valuable Experience for Hardware Entrepreneurs


By Eli Sinaiko

Attention Bay Area entrepreneurs, innovators, Hardwarians and startup investors! On September 23rd and 24th the Designer of Things (DoT) conference will be held in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. The event is targeted towards helping prospective startup founders learn to formulate, quantify, and implement strategies designed to develop a well-designed, error-free product ready to introduce to the masses.

The DoT conference includes keynote lectures, information sessions, mock pitch sessions, hands-on seminars, and marketing tips. The conference represents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs with big ideas who are seeking practical guidance and experience in entrepreneurship and in working with startups.

Furthermore, attending DoT will provide prospective hardware entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators with valuable experience and vital information to help facilitate successful ventures and investments.


The event will cover a diverse array of topics ranging from 3D printing, to wearable technology, to the Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to hardware connected to the Internet and local networks through various methods.

And just in case you couldn’t think of an excuse which would allow you to miss work to attend the conference, DoT has kindly included a handy ‘Justification Toolkit’ on its website for that exact purpose.For additional information about the DoT conference, click here.


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