Chinese Hardware Technology on the Rise

By Tony Kim

Due to the already established factories as well as a vast amount of workers available, all China needs to become a world leader in technology are ideas. Those ideas are coming into light right now. With companies such as Xiaomi projected to sell more than 60 million phones in 2014 as well as Debth-Vr and its interactive 3d monitors, China is having a strong push in its hardware and software technology. There are so many companies that are coming out that may possibly be better technologically to American powerhouses such as Apple, Oculus Rift, and Google.

China will no longer be known as the country known for its technologically copycatting abilities. According to Wall Street, Chinese companies such as Lenovo and Xiaomi will start taking international market share from companies such as Samsung and Apple.

This breakthrough by many startups is helping China move forward. One main reason why China has been historically unsuccessful in making big strides technologically has been the lack of funds and capital support. Due to the success shown by many of these startups more people are willing to invest and sees the benefit in investing. For example, Foxconn (manufacturer for gadgets  has set up support for entrepreneurs in China. Furthermore, Gobi Partners, a Chinese venture capital firm has also stated that more investments to hardware startups will be made in the future.

China is definitely on its way in becoming stronger not only technologically but also economically. Through more investments and interest by the community, I expect that soon everyone will want a piece of China’s inventions.

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