Things Going On In The Park

The park is a good place to go to spend your spare time, no matter if it’s during a work day or on the weekend.

Morning exercises

Whatever time you go to the park in China, you can see a lot of people there. Some are jogging and talking. Some are playing Chinese kungfu, especially in the early morning and in the afternoon. The elders are staying together with their fellows, some are fishing, playing cards or playing chess. More people prefer dancing or singing opera. The children are playing with their Mum or Grandparents. It seems they never need to worry about what to do there.

There are a lot of people playing music.

Chinese music in the park

They are in 3 or 5 as a team, rehearsing the songs they are familiar with. They can stay there for about 2 to 3 hours together to enjoy the music they love.

My husband and I sometimes take our son Robin and our daughter Irene to the park in our spare time. There is an artificial lake where we can go boating. We spend about one hour on the boat, then we sit on the grass. Robin will blow bubbles and Irene will go after the bubbles. They are playing under the sunshine and enjoying the happiness.

James and I prepare food and drinks for them. They will return to us to eat some bread or drink some juice and then go on playing. The other children may join them to play together.

Chinese Kungfu park

The little babies share their toys and go after each other. The children like my son play football/soccer or show off the new games they learned.

Robin and Irene are also very curious to join others. No matter what they are doing. There are some old men who fish in the fishing

area. Robin and Irene sometimes sit behind them and watch their fishing. But you know, Irene is only less than two years old, she can’t keep silent for very

long. So when she feels happy and screams, the fishing men stare at her and are very angry. I have to take her away to look at other

Boating with my family

interest things. A lot of people dance nearby. So the naughty kids go into the

dancing pool and prowl around. All the people are so happy to dance and dance. Even me, know nothing about any kind of dance, have a kind of feeling that I want to shake my body and dance with them together. Not like in the pub, but it is so contagious.

There is also a children’s playground. Where the children can ride bumper cars. My son Robin especially likes it, but he is not very

experienced and skilled.

Chinese dancing park

So he always runs against others and starts again.

Another thing we all love is to fly kites. You can usually see about ten to twenty people flying kites. There are swallow kites, goldfish kites, eagle kites, the Eight Diagrams kite and centipede kites.

You should enjoy it when the kite is flying high into the sky if you have

this kind of experience. It makes you feel like a kite flying in the sky.

I love to walk in the park. It helps you to fulfill and keep a status of being peaceful and calm.

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