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Communication Breakdown (ctnd.)

Oral vs. Written Most Chinese can read and write a LOT better than they can speak.   A few years ago I had an employee correct me on my use of the subjective tense.  I had to admit, my subjective tense … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Religion in China

Hey everyone, here’s another article by my coworker Leo on spirituality in China. Tanning on the Roof My housemate in Berkeley once told me that if possible, she would tan on the roof of our apartment building every day. Although … Continue reading

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Things Going On In The Park

The park is a good place to go to spend your spare time, no matter if it’s during a work day or on the weekend. Whatever time you go to the park in China, you can see a lot of … Continue reading

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How Chinese celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Most of our customers are preparing for their holiday to celebrate it. So we are comparatively not that busy. We even hope that we can have a day off…hint, hint. I knew about Thanksgiving Day after … Continue reading

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