The Strenuous Competition

My son studies in grade one class 5 in a primary school. As usual, the school held a parent-teacher-student activity on Saturday. In this competition, the parents and the child attend the games together. It is a good chance which can vastly strengthen the relationship.

School sports opening ceremony

At the beginning, there’s an opening ceremony which the students and their parents attended together to enjoy the ambience…and then, the games began.  There are totally 4 games. The first game is the rope skipping. The parents swing the ropes and the child jumps. The student who jumped the most times in one minute wins the game. Everyone wants to be number one. So we tried to swing the rope cadenced so that the child can catch up.  Before the game started, each family practiced hard and grasped every second to have a better cooperation in the game.

The second game is only for the students. They need to put on the shoes and the coat on the way while they run to the other side. This checked the child’s ability to take care of themselves since nowadays the family takes care of everything for the children even though they are big enough to do these things. Just like my son, he can dress on himself but the grandparents will help him to dress instead of him. And they even feed him at meals which my husband and I are against but powerless since we don’t want to offend them everyday. It is also the big problem in Chinese family in teaching the child.

The third game is 3×50 meters relay race. It needs the whole family to attend. Most of the parents will run as fast as they can to help our child to win the race. There’s also a game between classes, one girl, one boy, a mother, the teacher and a father attend the relay race. The fastest class will win.

The strenous tug-of-war competition

The last game is the tug-of-war competition. Each class has 10 boys and 10 girls, together with 4 mothers and 4 fathers to attend. We all choose the strongest students and parents to try to win at the first chance. When the games begin, each pep team cheers for their own team. It is the most strenuous competition. You can hear nothing but the cheers and it seems each team is crazy and screams at the top of their lungs. It happens for only several minutes and after one team wins twice, then the other team is out.

It is a really healthy and funny day. We all will remember it and looking forward to it coming next year.

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