Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Him

It’s that time of year again.  The time, if you’re like me, that you wake up one day and say, “Holy Mistletoe Batman, Santa Claus is about the come down the chimney and I still haven’t finished my holiday sh0pping”!  Well, I don’t actually say that, but I probably shouldn’t write the things I actually say here as they are derived from sheer terror of not knowing what to get anybody.  So, this year I’m going to be proactive.  This year, I’m going to have a plan.  I’m going to figure this stuff out early, because, like finishing your taxes in January, nothing feels quite so good as  being done with holiday shopping before December.

To aid my attempt and to share with others, here is our some of our stocking friendly gifts from Berkeley Sourcing Group for the 2012 holiday season.  We’ve divided the posts into “gifts for him” and “gifts for her” because the first step is taking the first step!

Gifts for Him

1. Bosavi LED Headlamp

Bosavi HeadlampThis is not your papa’s headlamp.  Heck, it’s not even your old top-of-the-line fancy dancy high tech trekking headlamp.  Nope, this is the all-new, ultra bright, incredibly light, compact and durable headlamp that you’ve never seen before!  Compared with other brands with outputs around 30-60 lumens, the 110 lumen output from Bosavi is really something see (or see with!).  Powered by a lithium polymer battery allows it to be recharged from almost any power supply and the packaging converts to attach to the headlamp to create an origami lantern!  Place your order now at



2. Modify Watches

modify watchesModify Watches are super-dope, interchangeable watches. You can mix-and-match faces and straps to create the “Mod” that allows you to make your statement, whether (quiet) or LOUD. Worn by R&B stars and skateboarding oficianandos and even our very own Oski in Berkeley!  Build your own Modify at


Clean bottle with runner



3. Clean Bottle with Running Holder
The first sports bottle to open at both ends, the Clean Bottle has won acclaim from cyclists all over the world.  Featured on the Shark Tank and the fan favorite of Bill Walton, the Clean Bottle now sports a running holder in it’s line for runners who don’t want to leave their Iphone 5 at home and have easy access to money and gel packs along the way.  Get yours now at:





Swag Hat

4. Swag Hat

A new addition to this holiday season is an old school fashion.  The Swag Optics hat combines the brown corduroy of yesteryear with a cool “Harvest” logo.  Bring on the retro!  One size fits most with an innovative zipper clasp.  Check it out at:








Frost Sweatgutr

5. SweatGutr

If your man is a sweaty beast (like I am!), nothing could be better than the SweatGutr, an innovative sweat management technology that channels sweat away from the face during heavy workouts.  Great for safety as it works under helmets and hats and keeps your hands on-task while it takes care of the rest.  Available in Frost, Smoke and Burst.  Get it here:

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