Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

We’re entering the final stretch and last full week of holiday shopping. If you’re like many of us and have been waiting for that burst of inspiration, that brilliant gift idea to hit you (that hasn’t come yet), we have a few gift ideas for her to help you out. If you’re looking for a gift idea for him, check out our previous blog: Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2012.

Gifts for her

1. Camlettes

camlette white cropped tank topA Camlette is a modified cami that really enables women to get creative and versatile with their wardrobe. Whether they’re headed for a day at the office or ready to through on their most comfortable set of jeans, the Camlette fits right in. Best of all, it’s relaxing and comfortable to wear. Any woman can tell you covering their curves comfortably isn’t an easy feat. The Camlette is sure to be a welcome staple to her wardrobe. Find out the different colors, styles and order now at



2. BKR

bkr newest silicone sleeve colorsBy far, bkr is one of the hottest and most fashionable water bottles this year. It’s been featured in numerous magazines and the soft silicone sleeves come in a multitude of colors. So many that you can impress her even more by getting the sleeve in her favorite color. Perfect for the fashionable woman in your life who is both health and environmentally conscious. Another added bonus: bkr purchases help fund fights against cancer and the global water crisis. Get yours now at



3. Stretchsit Cushion

As many of us mstretchsit cushionake our way hundreds of miles to see loved ones this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to think about driving comforts. Stretchsit cushion is great for elongating the lower back muscles and leads to a much more comfortable and pleasant drive. This would be an especially great gift for those who find themselves spending more time on the road. Check it out at



4. Shopping List Bag

The Shopping List BagIf there was a “Makes Life Simplier” gift list, this one would be at the top! Our mental space is bombarded with things not to forget…don’t forget the list, the coupon, the bag. Heck, just making it to the store with a coupon brings about a great sense of accomplishment for me. The Shopping List Bag simplifies all of this in an ecologically friendly and organized way. It hangs on the side of the fridge via magnets and holds everything you need for a trip to the store – grab and go. This also makes a great “under $15 gift exchange” present. Order it now at



5. Earring Holder

Hooks&Studs earring holderHooks&Studs earring holder is ingeniously simple, efficient and stylish. While men can easily get away with only wearing one earring if they lose one, for her it’s a little more difficult. This holder keeps her stud and hook earrings together and organized in one simple and elegant box. To find out more about the product and where you can purchase one, email Cheline at for all the latest details!

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