Astro Studios Work

By Tony Kim

Here at Berkeley Sourcing Group, we are dedicated in helping the hardware revolution take place. DesignEntrepreneurs-BrettLovelady-1One place that has really supported entrepreneurs and other companies to achieve success in this market has been Astro Studios. Astro Studios has made a huge name for themselves through famous works such designing the Xbox 360+ console, development of the Nike+ Fuelband, Alienware Computers, and much more. Now Astro Studios is a prime supporter and resource and supports many companies succeed with their products.

Masthead_AstroAstro Studios have knowledge in various applications of business that many companies and entrepreneurs lack. Product design, brand management, graphic design, innovation, and interaction design are some of the few things Astro Studios does to help your product be the best it can be. Lead by CEO and founder Brett Lovelady, Astro Studios has helped hundreds of companies to succeed since 1994. Due to their longevity and compilation of success stories, they have received awards from the American institute of Graphic Arts, Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award and the ID Magazine Design Annual awards.

With a company so experienced and filled with a team of experts, I see Astro Studios as a great resource and support for entrepreneurs and companies that want to find perfection.

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