Wearable Worlds and Its Impact

by Tony Kim

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Wearable World and Its Impact

With movies such as Iron Man and Spy Kids, wearable technology has always been a part of a child’s fantasy. Being able to talk to your phone,  record with your glasses, and play virtual video games have been just a figment of our imagination back in the days, but now it has truly become reality. Wearable Worlds provides a place where all businesses working on wearable hardware technology can come share their inventions and create a place to foster the blend of technology.

Goal and Purpose

Wearable World’s primary goal according to their website is to ” connect businesses to the social fabric of the Internert of Wearable Things. Our goal is to provide an innovation platform to foster the blend of technology, art, and humanity through news content, incubator and accelerator programs, and events. With their own accelerator/incubator system, the Wearable World Labs, as well as partners supporting the system such as Rambus and Technicolor, Wearable World is definitely trying to help the multitude of business owners to succeed in creating the best wearable technology. Its goals are focused on mentoring,  and being the connecting bridge to hardware entrepreneurs.

Events: Wearable Wednesdays

One way Wearable Worlds is attempting to be that bridge to hardware entrepreneurs is by hosting events such as Wearable Wednesdays. Wearable Wednesday is an event where Wearable Worlds allows entrepreneurs to try out new hardwares as well as provide a great networking location. Many of the new technology are shared and entrepreneurs are given a chance to gain ideas as well as talk to others for ideas or even create business partnerships.

For more information check out their website at http://www.wearableworld.co/?__hstc=152454374.75f44fc1b8f2d9bd1d84804c5aa99b6e.1396581901841.1396936612032.1396986824401.14&__hssc=152454374.2.1396986824401&__hsfp=4217792877


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