Shenzhen University Games (Universiade)


Shenzhen University Game
First stop of new subway line

Shenzhen is a very young city, and it’s just like the young people here. Both the city and its people here are energetic, enthusiastic and full of passion. Meanwhile, Shenzhen is the fastest progressing city in China, for it was just a small fishing village 30 years ago but has developed into a metropolis of roughly 20 million people today. Shenzhen is the most crowded city in China, whose population density ranks top in China and fifth in the world. But now, the most important thing is that the 26th Unversiade is being held in Shenzhen!!

 Shenzhen, Growing Fast

Shenzhen University Games Subway

The same subway car after two stops!

Thanks to the Universiade, the government has invested a lot in construction projects and it has successfully developed a very convenient public transportation, especially in the subway lines. Before the Universiade, Shenzhen only had one subway line. But now there are six subway lines which reach nearly every district of the city. Of course this project benefits the citizens a lot. Just take myself for example. Before I took the bus for an hour to get to work while now I’m able to catch the subway, which only takes me about 20mins.

Shenzhen University Game (Universiade)

Outside of the Universiade Gym

However, just like every coin has two sides, the construction projects also brought some negative effects. We can imagine what a tough job it is to build five subway lines in half a year. The workers must continue their job day and night to meet the deadline, and they must work under the hot sun. Besides, many roads were under construction, which seriously affected the regular traffic. Mr. Liao, one of our drivers, complained repeatedly about the bad traffic for the past six months. The most important is he couldn’t sleep well at night due to the big noise made by the construction around his house, but he must get up very early on the next day. So he said if this construction lasts for one more month, he will breakdown. Fortunately, all construction projects were finished on time and Mr. Liao lost ten pounds weight, which really delighted him, because he tried very hard to lose weight before, but none worked. So this is an unexpected gift the Universiade brought to him.

 My First University Basketball Game

Shenzhen Universtity Game(Universiade)


All in all, for most people really appreciate the effects of the Universiade. A lot of foreigners come to Shenzhen making the city more international and it gives them the opportunity to learn about China. From my perspective, the most exciting thing is that I got to see my first basketball game on-site. It was a basketball game between Russia and Japan. Almost all the Chinese audience cheered for Russia, including me! Russia won the game 91:73 making the audience very happy.

I’m a girl from a small town and my parents placed high expectation on me. I know there must be a very long way to go to be recognized by this city, but I’ll try hard and never be afraid. At this moment, my only wish is to bring my parents to Shenzhen to watch the university game with them. I want to show them a totally different lifestyle from my hometown and tell them what a big change the modern society is making. I’m dreaming a dream, that is: start here (in Shenzhen), make a difference.

Shenzhen University Game(Universiade)

RUSSIA Won the Game

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