3D Printer Headed To Space

By Tony Kim

It took one team of entrepreneurs to ask one question: What do we need to live on the moon? The answer they came up with was a 3D printer that can work in space. 3D printing has brought so much attention to the hardware and software industry. Having mainly been used for prototyping in the previous years, now 3D printing has been used to create cars, clothes, shoes, tools, and basically everything that mind can think of. For Made In Space, the team that created the 3d printer for space, the printer would become the supply line for everything if we were to live in space

Founded in 2010 with the goal of enabling humanity’s future in space, Made In Space, Inc. has developed additive manufacturing technology for use in zero-gravity. By constructing hardware that can build what is needed in space, as opposed to launching it from Earth, the company plans to accelerate and broaden space development while also providing unprecedented access for people on Earth to use in-space capabilities.

We must not just watch as this 3d printer makes its way into space. Who knows? Maybe in a couple of decades we will living in space relying on the production of 3d printers. It may be that the human manifest destiny is not quite over yet. 3DP_Hardware-short

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