2014 Reflection: My Time with BSG

By Tony Kim

As 2014 has come to an end, my time as an marketing associate at BSG has also come to a close. It was truly a blessing to work with such a appreciative staff. Special mentions to Beth and Greg who have not only been my bosses but mentors willing to help and supplement my knowledge of the hardware industry.

When I first entered the business, I had little to no idea about the hardware industry. Beth would ask me various names of prominent hardware start-ups, and as my co-worker Eli could name a few of them, I had no idea. My knowledge and database expanded quickly, as I would be responsible for writing blogs about start-ups, researching hardware meet-up events, and picking up on news about the hardware industry. Today, I am so much more aware of the field and its culture.

I have also had the pleasure of working with upcoming stars. I was given the chance to interview with Aditya Dayal, founder and CEO of Throwmotion, and Tyler and Lei, Founders of Drumpants and their company Tappur.  Having the opportunity to talk to current CEOs and entrepreneurs has definitely allowed me to gain a better understanding of the entrepreneur mentality and how to succeed. There are not many places where one can gain this experience and that is why working for BSG has been one of the greatest yet.

With a supportive staff as well as an abundance of opportunities to learn, my time with BSG has been amazing to say the least. The company’s people, ethics, and hard work make this a beautiful place to work and I can’t wait to hear about the next new big product that Greg will himself manufacture.

Thank you BSG!


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