Final Quality Control

Berkeley Sourcing Group was born from having the difficult experience of getting high quality products from China correct the first time. Quality is the crux of our company, our pride and joy.

Greg Fisher, founder of Berkeley Sourcing Group, says: “In my experience as a quality manager visiting hundreds of factories I came across defect after defect, horror story after horror story, and it became easy to see why.  Paint cans would lay open on factory floors, workers would have no idea what they were inspecting, and management found it more exciting to talk about quantities than specifications.  I was finally able to boil down quality success into a few categories: transparency, communication, measurement, and on-the-ground presence.  By putting these tools in place, we were able to catch the defects before they got on the boat and control the surprises at home.”

At Berkeley Sourcing Group we have elaborated on those tools and extensively use pictures and video to more effectively provide transparency and communication.  We have spent countless hours over the last decade training our Chinese staff to understand the quality levels our customers expect, and we are continuously improving our training methods.  A tremendous number of defects occur due to poor communication between clients and production staff. We work closely with our clients throughout the process to define and communicate their product needs effectively. Our staff then visits the factories regularly to inspect and improve the quality of the product.