Design For Manufacturing and Assembly

Berkeley Sourcing Group offers very competitive rates for your design for manufacturing needs by working with our own in-house engineers and engineers at partner factories in China. Our engineers can help you produce or improve your 3D drawings, design for manufacturability, or help give you ideas about features available using existing technologies.  We support a wide variety of processes from all kinds of molding (compression, injection, rotational, blow, etc.), metal processes (casting, stamping, cutting, etc.), electronics and more.

Most importantly, our engineers are available throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the specifications are achievable, that the factory is using the correct processes for your products, to troubleshoot if any problems arise, and to help create the inspection criteria and guidelines for quality control.

If you need support with the initial phases of design work, we have an extensive network of vetted engineers locally.  We will be happy to connect you to the right engineer for your particular design challenges.

We also offer preparations packages. If you need additional help with your planning and preparations, check out our service offerings.  Whatever you need, we can help.