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Hi – Full Body Massager

Hi – Full Body Massager

by Dr. Steve McGough

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A device that will give you an orgasm within a couple of minutes, while fully-dressed

Here’s something a bit different to inspire hardware entrepreneurs: a massager device that stimulates orgasms! So what exactly is this magical gizmo and how can it possibly do what it claims? Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Hi’ and how it’s maker stumbled upon it…

Hi Full Body MassagerHi says ‘Hi’

As with many breakthroughs, the Hi was originally discovered by accident. In this case, Dr. Steve McGough was trying to help his wife Wendy recover from a tragedy. Wendy was suffering from tissue adhesions following c-section surgery, and Dr. McGough created the device in order to stimulate the ligaments supporting the affected areas through vibration.

What he discovered was that by sending vibrations behind the uterus, the device was also able to induce female orgasms! Once he made the discovery, he spent the following year researching what might be going on and how the nerves were being stimulated.

Hi Full Body MassagerDespite stumbling upon this invention, Dr. McGough reports that he was always inspired by inventors. “I’ve always been inspired by inventors.  My uncle is an MD who invented and patented many medical devices that are used worldwide.” He explains. “However this discovery was accidental and I happened to have the combination of background knowledge to try to figure it out. My previous plans were developing neurological testing and behavioral modification software.”

It would seem that an inventive spirit runs in the family – although you can never be sure just how or when inspiration is going to strike!

Hi Full Body MassagerThe Device

The device is designed to be user friendly and non-intimidating. It has adjustable dual stimulation heads that allow it to be used on any part of the body with seven adjustable power levels. An ergonomic design is intended to make holding the device easy and it is made from a simple white plastic with powder blue rubber overmolding.

The device has since been making a splash (no pun intended), with some sexologists reportedly describing it as one of the biggest advances for women’s intimate stimulation in the 21st century! It has the ability to rapidly induce orgasm in most women, even through clothing, and as Dr. McGough explains “this completely changes the paradigm for how, how frequently, where and when women experience intimate stimulation”.

Hi Full Body Massager“The fact that it also provides an amazing body massage for women and men puts it in a different area than traditional adult products.”

It’s clear from the website (www.womenandcouples.com) and the design, that this device is certainly being positioned differently from the traditional sex toy. Indeed, as Dr. McGough points out, there are many health and wellness benefits to achieving orgasm; including pain and anxiety reduction, better sleep, pelvic health, reduced risk of urinary incontinence, help with PMS and cramping and even headache relief!

Hi Full Body MassagerMarketing and the Next Step

The next step is getting the Hi into homes. Dr. McGough and his team have launched a crowdfunding campaign to do just that. They aim to begin delivering units by December 2016 (just in time for Christmas!) and then to make the devices available through a network of sexologists, yoga and fitness instructors. Another unique part of the business plan is that they will be offering training programs and classes, which are aimed to instruct women in how to use the device (both for themselves and for intimate couples massages) as well as how to express desires without embarrassment.

Hi Full Body MassagerIt’s certainly a novel approach to take a device like this into the mainstream, and Dr. McGough recounts that bringing it to market was not without its challenges. Apart from the fact that many people simply didn’t believe that the product was possible, they also had difficulty viewing it as a health and wellness device aimed at couples – as opposed to a taboo sex toy. The hope is that the team will eventually be able to find mainstream acceptance for their device and hopefully improve women’s health as a result!

The final difficulty came from the location.

“I was working from North Carolina, which is a very poor location for hardware support & investment.”

Fortunately, they were able to get in touch with Greg Fisher at Berkeley Sourcing Group, and they have been able to help them develop their product into something that’s ready for market.

Hi Full Body MassagerTakeaways and Conclusion

The Hi is certainly something a little different from our usual product spotlights, and it just goes to show that you can think outside the box when it comes to creating innovative hardware. In this case, Dr. McGough and his team are aiming to change the face of women’s stimulation products with a device aimed at a large, commercial audience.

If you’d like to learn more about the device, then visit www.womenandcouples.com for more information. If you’d like to back this project make sure to visit their campaign which is currently live on Indiegogo.