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Our spotlight this month goes to Erick Flatt and his innovative sweat management product. As a particularly sweaty native of Las Vegas who was always playing one sport or another, there is probably nobody that appreciates Erick’s product more than I do. The Sweat GUTR channels all the sweat you can muster away from your eyes and face and out of the way.  Cyclists who don’t want to take their hands off the bars to constantly wipe away sweat and construction companies looking out for the safety of their workers have been some of the main proponents so far, but the Sweat GUTR can be applied to any situation where sweat management can keep you more comfortable or safe.

From the manufacturing standpoint, the Sweat GUTR is a particularly challenging product to make.  Using technologies not available in common factories, Berkeley Sourcing Group set up a small factory for Erick in a cost effective region of China allowing him to control production capacities and quality much more effectively than he was able to do with his previous supplier.  Now the Sweat GUTR has international distribution, is preparing for more explosive growth, and expanding production capabilities to meet the increasing demand.
Kudos to Erick for being innovative and diligent to see his dream come true and keeping us all a little more sweat free.  To learn more about his product, or order it online, check out their website: