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One of the hottest new inventions to hit the market this year is the Clean Bottle. The ingenuity of this water bottle is that it opens on both ends, making it easy to clean and alleviating the issue of mold growing inside. David Mayer, avid cyclist and founder of the Clean Bottle, came up with this concept after he was forced to dispose of yet another bottle due to smell and mold. Thanks to his creativity and a lot of hard work, the Clean Bottle has hit the market to give athletes of all kinds an alternative solution to moldy, smelly bottles.

Recently Dave and his Bottle Boy mascot underwent their own test of endurance at the Tour de France. Bottle Boy could be seen running and cheering along side the cyclists at various times throughout the event. Although he wasn’t donning a yellow jersey, the yellow, blue and white mascot got something even better – a large amount of great television coverage!

The Clean Bottle has hit the ground running, making its debut being picked up by REI and cycling shops around the U.S. The bottles are also available for online purchase on their website at I also recommend checking out Dave’s blog while you’re there. It gives all the action-packed details of his Tour de France adventure. Ride Clean!