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PBV Part 3: How do I Protect My Intellectual Property in China: Manufacturing in China

You’ve probably heard a million horror stories about somebody taking their great idea to China only to see it get ripped off and appear on shelves before they even received their first shipment, or something equally horrid. It happens, but … Continue reading

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PBV Part 2: Modern Chinese Culture at the Street Level

In the first entry I covered a little bit of the forces that brought China to where they are today with some of the overall relative effects. In this entry, I’ll describe more of what you will see and can … Continue reading

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PBV Part 1: How Do I Manufacture My Product In China?!

Manufacturing in China – Pulling Back the Veil, Part 1 This will be the first of a 10 part series called “Pulling Back the Veil” that aims to answer the basic question “how do I manufacture my product in China”?  … Continue reading

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