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How to Perfectly Time and Execute Your Crowdfunding Campaigns from a Manufacturers Perspective

If you’re looking to succeed at crowdfunding campaigns, then you need to make sure you stack the deck to ensure the best chance of meeting your funding goals. Sure, there are a lot of highly publicized success stories from the … Continue reading

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Turn Your Crowdfunded Product Into a Hardware Startup Brand that Everyone Loves

In an ideal world, a hardware startup will begin with a great idea for a product and then translate that into a successful crowdfunding campaign. Branding shouldn’t matter at this stage; the project should be backed on the strength of … Continue reading

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10 Hardware Startups You Need to Follow in 2016

Hardware startups are in no short supply. In fact, it seems that there a hundred new hardware startups every time you turn around at the moment, and crowdfunding, along with better manufacturing tools, play no small part in the hardware … Continue reading

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Is UL Certification Required for Your Hardware Product?

The UL certification is a North American Product certification that comes from Underwriter Laboratories. It shows that the product in question was tested by UL, and that it meets US and Canadian safety standards. Products displaying this mark are likely … Continue reading

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The Top Female Entrepreneurs in Hardware

If you were to glance over the covers of Wired magazine, or read through the Fortune 500 list, you might be excused for thinking that most hardware entrepreneurs were male. In fact though, this really isn’t the case, and there … Continue reading

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Hardware Startup Crowdfunding By The Numbers

Crowdfunding by the Numbers There has never been a better time to be a hardware entrepreneur. With the internet making communication, marketing, and even manufacturing considerably easier, the barriers to entry have shrunk a great deal, regardless of your industry. … Continue reading

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10 Maker Spaces In The USA That Hardware Startups NEED To Discover

A maker is someone who has a house filled with gadgets they built themselves, someone who probably owns several Raspberry Pi’s, and someone who enjoys taking old calculators apart. Makers are often inventors, sometimes entrepreneurs, generally techies, and they are … Continue reading

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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle – What’s it Really Like? And How to Help it Go Smoothly

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur, but don’t have a clear idea of what it is all about. The most common misconceptions are that: entrepreneurs make lots of money, they have a lot of freedom in their job, they … Continue reading

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Why Entrepreneurs Sometimes Have the Advantage Over Big Business

Sometimes business can feel a bit like a tale of David and Goliath. If you’ve ever launched your own startup or entrepreneurial enterprise, then no doubt you’ve probably gone up against larger businesses with more experience and more resources and … Continue reading

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Marketing for the Holiday Season

For many retailers, the holiday season represents between 20-40% of their annual sales! Preparing for the holiday season as friends and family members takes a bit of planning and attention, but doing so as a small business owner with a … Continue reading

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