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Marketing For Hardware Startups: How To Connect With Customers?

Understanding how to connect with customers is a crucial part of marketing for startups, especially for any business that wants to maximize profits. The more your audience is engaged with you, the more they’re interested in your products and services, … Continue reading

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Tips on Pitching Hardware Startups to VCs

Making your dream of running a successful hardware startup a reality will require cash. Unless you happen to have a huge stash hidden away somewhere, you’re likely going to be reliant on outside investment – which often means that you’re … Continue reading

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4 Different Business Models that Hardware Startups Use to Generate Revenue

There’s a good chance that business models for hardware startups who are new to the business can often be summed up in two words: sell volume. That is to say, that the number one strategy for providing value and increasing … Continue reading

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Funding for Hardware Startups: Different Stages of the Funding Process

There is more to funding for hardware startups than Kickstarter and IPOs. Depending on the stage of your idea, there are a number of different types of funding available, and there are different reasons to find that funding at each … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge 3D Printing Technologies (And the New Abilities They Give You)

Whether you’re using 3D printing for prototyping or manufacturing, it is an incredible new prototyping tool that has opened all kinds of doors for hardware startups and entrepreneurs. Now anyone with some basic CAD skills can see their vision realized … Continue reading

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An Introduction to IoT Platforms – And Why Makers Need to Take Notice

The ‘Internet of Things’ is one of those incredible ideas with the power to change the world that we’ve been promised for a while, but that nobody has quite delivered on yet. Like virtual reality, cloud computing, and 3D printing though, … Continue reading

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The 8-Bit Lit Lamp Project (Part 2)

In this post I’ll continue where I left off in the last post and tell you more about our experience concerning the 8-Bit Lit Lamp project. Sourcing Materials By the end of the last post, we had hit a roadblock.  The … Continue reading

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The 8-Bit Lit Lamp Project (Part 1)

The following blog is written by an intern, Johnny Star, a mechanical engineering junior from UC Berkeley that worked with us throughout the summer.  Since his perspective is similar to a lot of our client’s in terms of exposure to … Continue reading

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The Best Time to Go to China to Oversee Product Manufacturing

I have a client who is on a tight timeline and we both think it will be a good idea for him to visit the factory with our team to help make decisions quickly to cut down the time to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Prototyping

Regarding prototyping, Berkeley Sourcing Group has been working with Dean and Sean with their prototype —- the Audman.  Though this product isn’t yet out to the market, we believe it will see a bright future because when we first saw … Continue reading

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