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Great Online Resources or Talks About Startup Ideation

If you’re planning on launching your own hardware startup, then there’s something you’ll need to perform before you can go ahead: and that’s startup ideation. While funding is important, it won’t get you very far without having an idea to … Continue reading

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The Top Female Entrepreneurs in Hardware

If you were to glance over the covers of Wired magazine, or read through the Fortune 500 list, you might be excused for thinking that most hardware entrepreneurs were male. In fact though, this really isn’t the case, and there … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding News: How Title III of the Jobs Act Affects Crowdfunding

The Jobs Act was signed into law by Barack Obama in April 2012, and that has the broad aid of letting more people become micro-investors. On the face of it, this sounds like good news for crowdfunding and for start-ups … Continue reading

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Smart Home Products: The Latest Exciting Developments

Smart home products have been rapidly gaining momentum over the last few years with the likes of Nest and IFTTT demonstrating the potential of the industry. There are appliances such as thermostats that are able to adjust themselves, lights that turn … Continue reading

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Top Design Awards For Hardware Startups

Product design is incredibly important if you hope to make a splash in the market. This is why your hardware startup should be keeping an eye on the top design awards for hardware startups, as someday your products could be … Continue reading

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10 Maker Spaces In The USA That Hardware Startups NEED To Discover

A maker is someone who has a house filled with gadgets they built themselves, someone who probably owns several Raspberry Pi’s, and someone who enjoys taking old calculators apart. Makers are often inventors, sometimes entrepreneurs, generally techies, and they are … Continue reading

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The Latest Cool Pet Products From Hardware Startups

Every maker should have a pet project or two, but how about an actual pet project? If a number of pet startup success stories are to be believed, then our furry friends may provide a lucrative and untapped market for … Continue reading

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Wearable Tech for Makers – An Insight to Making Your Own Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker Or Other Wearables

Wearable technology is big news right now, especially with the recent launch of the Apple Watch and the ongoing success of Pebble. We’ve heard talk of wearable devices for some time, but it seems like it’s finally making its way … Continue reading

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Smart Fabrics – A Significant Next Step for Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is quickly becoming the next big thing in consumer electronics but even as form factors and features improve, the devices are still mostly things you strap on or that otherwise require carrying around. A new slew of technologies … Continue reading

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