Catapult Packages

Catapult Packages are designed to take your idea and give it lift, acceleration and get you over the hurdles to getting your product business going.

At Berkeley Sourcing Group, we specialize in helping makers become hardware start-up business and helping hardware start-ups scale to their potential. While we offer a huge amount of information in our hardware community, we know sometimes start-up entrepreneurs need more help – and We Can Help. Check out of current Catapult Packages and contact us to get started.  We also offer custom consulting – in our Prototype Me package so if a set package doesn’t meet your needs, we can design one that will.

nuts and bolts

Nuts and Bolts


This is our basic review offering wherein you’ll have the opportunity, after providing us some key data (see form), of speaking live with a hardware genius for two 15 minute sessions so that we might help you get on your way to building your hardware empire. This free package includes:

  • Hardware Product Expert Insights:
    2 – 15 minute phone sessions with a hardware expert.

    • Session 1 – evaluation of your product, technical hurdles, marketing hurdles, funding, plans and guidance to over come any issues.
    • Session 2 – customized session depending on the results of your first session wherein we explore solutions and dig into details and start aligning your product and marketing plans with your manufacturing plan.
gear up

Gear Up


Our Gear Up package is intended to help you accelerate the process of your design and preparation phase of development. In this package you not only get to work with Berkeley Sourcing Group experts, we also connect you with professional product and hardware designers who are partners with us so that you’re sailing through your design phase and have a faster path to first product delivery. This package is an incredible deal and if bought from local experts separately would cost over $3,000. This package includes:

  • Product Management Expertise:
    Up to 20 hours of a product managers input and research into feasibility, pricing, COGS and bill of materials.
  • Engineering Design Consultation:
    High-level product and engineering design consultation with expert designers that we’ve vetted that are ideally fitted to your product.
  • Hardware Product Strategic Consulting:
    High-level research and review with a hardware genius with a decade of experience in developing and delivering products.

Master Schematics


Our Master Schematics package is our most comprehensive package and is designed to provide expertise in each of the key areas you need for success. In this package you’ll work directly with top experts for guidance and also have tremendous on-the-ground support for the legwork and research to dig into the details. Basically – we’re your start-up team and will provide advice, guidance and “get it done” tangible results. This package elsewhere would cost over $15,000 and it includes:

  • Product Management Expertise:
    Up to 100 hours of product managers’ input and research into DFMA, feasibility, pricing, COGS and bill of materials.
  • Engineering Design Consultation:
    High-level design review with expert designers that we’ve vetted to ideally fit your product who will identify improvements and hurdles to manufacturing.
  • Hardware Product Strategic Consulting:
    Business plan and product review with a hardware genius with a decade of experience in developing and delivering products to nail down a step-by-step strategic plan.
  • Market and Marketing Strategic Consulting:
    Market and marketing consultation and planning with marketing experts with decades of experience and proven track records of successful campaigns and products launches.
  • Funding and Crowdfunding Strategic Consulting:
    Consultation and planning with funding and/or crowdfunding experts who have successfully raised money for start-ups via all funding methodologies.

Prototype ME Pricing TBD

Need help with your prototype to get your first product into testing and ready for fundraising? We can help with this too. Pricing depends on the complexity and materials for your product, but just sign up for our free Nuts and Bolts package and we can explore what we can do for you to make your designs tangible and bring your dreams to life.

Custom Packages available to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information and pricing.