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Whack!!Snooze Alarm for iPhone

That’s what I typically feel like doing to my alarm clock when it goes off in the morning. Anything to shut it off as soon as possible. However, I converted to using my cell phone alarm a few years ago and, short of breaking my phone completely, that satisfying feeling of just blindly reaching over and shutting off the noise (if only temporarily) has eluded me. Then along comes one of the latest products to launch on Kickstarter aptly called Snooze. It’s a device made for iPhones that essentially converts the iPhone into a nightstand alarm clock while it charges…and provides a large snooze button running across the top.

Who Thinks Up These Things?

Distil Union, that’s who. Distil Union is a company/team consisting of three designers: Nate Justiss, Lindsay Windham and Adam Printz. They’re experienced designers who’ve escaped the box of just designing for others and are now designing and working on bringing their own ideas to market.

Features that Make You Smile

So, aside from being able to once again immediately shut off the noise on the phone alarm, what makes this product so appealing? Most importantly, it separates the actions entailed in turning off the phone alarm and just hitting snooze.  Since the phone is never actually opened until the user is ready to turn off the alarm,  the all too common occurrence of accidently shutting the alarm off (by swiping it the wrong direction) is alleviated.

  • Works with incoming phone calls
  • 5′ weave cable accessory option
  • Offers 6 different design styles

It’s all about the app, baby! Well, not entirely. But in today’s day and age if the invention deals with a digital product, the software backing it can make all the difference.  Snooze can work with any alarm application that uses the phone volume button as the snooze button. However, Distil Union also designed an alarm application with added features including a clock dimmer and adjustable snooze timer.

Like it!

To find out more about the Distil Union team and the Snooze product, go to their website at If you’re interested in learning more about their Kickstarter launch or to help fund Snooze, please click here to go directly to their launch page.  There’s only 7 days to go, so act now!!

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