CEO Greg Fisher Speaking at SZIDF Designing the Future Event

Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2015 (SZIDF 2015) is the largest trade fair in China, which is hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, supported by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, organized by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) and endorsed by International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), China Industrial Design Association, and Industrial Design Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

The theme for SZIDF 2015 is “Designing the Future.”  Taking full advantage of the role as an industry association and a business entity, bringing together the innovation resource worldwide, and encouraging innovation and creativity, SZIDF 2015 will show the philosophy and application of low-carbon, green, sustainable and forward-looking design. They are also promoting the integration between design and AI, Genetic Engineering, Internet+, Smart Home, and aiming at the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing industry to service industry. In this way, SZIDF is able to accelerate the high-end development for Chinese design to go global.

There will be many notable speakers and one of them will be our very own Greg Fisher.  His presentation is on “Industrial Design for Hardware Startups” and will explain how the fast changing market forces allow many smaller companies to compete with established brands, but many startups falter in their efforts to go from design to production. He explains how the rules are different when working with innovative ideas and small quantities.

He will share insights he’s learned working with over 800 startups to prepare them for manufacturing.

Topics will include:

1) Determining the right factory

2) Setting up the relationship

3) How to prepare the correct information to receive the best quotes

If you are in the area of Shenzhen you can get more information here about the fair. You can also download the full media kit here.