Here is Sunny Jiang

Hi, I’m Sunny Jiang, team member of Berkeley Sourcing Group.

Why do I call myself Sunny? Because my Chinese first name is XIAGUANG, which means “rays of morning or evening sunlight”
Why do I call myself Sunny? Because my Chinese first name is XIAGUANG, which means “rays of morning or evening sunlight”.  Another reason is I love sunshine, especially the twilight. I remember when I was a little child, I always liked to sit on the mound in front of my family with my best friend or my Mum, to enjoy the time of sunrise and sunset.

I was born in a small city of northern China near to the Bohai sea. It’s a beautiful place to live. It usually snows in the winter. It’s been 9 years since I’ve seen the snow because I haven’t gone back to my hometown in the winter since I left there to work in the South.

Sunny Jiang and Robin

Sunny and son, Robin

I live in Shenzhen now.

It’s a young city, as people always say. It belongs to our young people. There are more than 14 million people that stay in Shenzhen now, most of us are young.

I have a happy family, my husband, my son, my little daughter and I. We also live with my husband’s parents. It may be difficult for you to understand why our Chinese young people will live with parents after we get married. However it is very common. We need help from our parents. We usually don’t trust the baby-sitter too much. We prefer to ask the grandparents to take care of our babies. More over, we have a tradition that the parents should live with their children when they are old. If we refuse to live with our parents, then the relatives and the town fellows will blame that my husband is not a dutiful son. It is a tradition for about 5000 years in China.

Robin and Irene

Robin and Irene

My son, Robin, is a primary school student. He is 6 and in Grade one. He says he works pretty well since he only went to school for two weeks. My daughter, Irene, is a very very lovely girl in my mind. I love her so much and sometimes even coddle her. Irene wants nobody else if I am at home. She always asks me to come to her and she will call “Mum” if she can’t see me. So I always get in trouble in the morning when I leave for work.

Now I work for Berkeley Sourcing Group as the team member in mainland China, to service small companies to source the products and manufacturers around. Most of our team members are female except our boss, Greg, because mostly only women learn English in China. He is a humorous man who knows Chinese well. He can speak Chinese and even can understand when we are just chattering after work. So we don’t dare to murmur near him :). Working here is interesting. It is not like any of my jobs before. We work on several kinds of products, from metal products to plastic parts, from bookslings to earmuffs, from the clean bottle to the sweat band. You can never expect what you will work on next. It’s a good challenge for us. And, Greg is a kind man to work with.

I’m really happy to know you here. Hope we can discuss everything you are interested in about China. I’ll tell you whatever I know and get an answer to what I don’t know.

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  1. Kim Babjak says:

    Hi Sunny-

    Your boys are beautiful! It has been such a great pleasure working with you on projects over the years. Your work is impeccable. You and Greg have been a valuable asset to my business and I look forward to doing being partners for many years to come!

    Sincerely, Kim B.

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