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by Stuart Mason

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SpaTap Outdoor Pocket Shower for Water Saving & Hygiene

With over 90 million plastic bottles thrown out every day, there’s a huge amount of plastic wasted that needn’t be. Stuart Mason aims to help us start making better use of our bottles though with ‘SpaTap’, the world’s first ‘pocket shower’.

Tapping Into Creativity

Simply fit SpaTap over the top of any plastic bottle (and optionally attach the strap to hang it) and you have an instant flow controllable tap or shower for washing your hands or your whole body. For a single two liter bottle you’ll get 20 hand washes or three showers. That’s a highly efficient use of water.

SpaTap hand held mobile tap for first aid

Stuart is a fan of camping and the outdoors, but he found there was no easy way to access a shower or tap without lots of wasted water. The original idea though struck when he found a bottle of water that had become hot in the car during the day.

‘I realized this free energy needed to be dispensed somehow!’

SpaTap is that solution and is echo friendly, water efficient and made from 100% recyclable materials.

SpaTap’s Potential

With this product Stuart ‘scratched his own itch’ and he and his family now use it every day. Stuart himself uses SpaTap to wash off salt water after surfing, while his children wash their hands under it after football. His wife uses it to wash food when they’re out and about. On top of these varied applications though, Stuart also sees its potential for the developing world.

Surf showerI have Worked for various NGO’s raising funds for dedicated charities such as Oxfam, Water Aid, Environmental investigation Agency, Medicine San Frontier, Save the children and many more. This brought me into direct contact with those that are less fortunate than ourselves. The starving and disease prone peoples in the developing world that don’t have the basic sanitation and clean water. My desire is to help people that don’t have access to a tap. A tap to wash hands is so important in the developing world and I will get this product to the people in the developing world that need it most.’

SpaTap Child Friendly hand washing camp shower

Now it’s up to Kickstarter to help make SpaTap a reality. The project has so far raised $3,963 of a $5,000 goal with 13 days left to go. If you want to get behind it, then visit the page here for more information, or visit the team’s YouTube channel.