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Phone Finder

Phone Finder

by Gabsow Tom

Ends Mon, Jun 2 2014 2:32 AM +05:30

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Phone Finder

Constantly losing your phone? Find yourself constantly getting in late to work because you’re searching high and low for it before you can leave?

This is a problem that Tom Gabsow hopes to solve with ‘Phone Finder’, a device that helps you to instantly find your phone no matter where it’s buried.

What is Phone Finder?


Phone Finder is essentially a button that sets off an alarm on your phone. Simply press the button and the phone will start flashing and making noise to help you track it down. Phone Finder uses Bluetooth and will work with any smartphone (with a range of 50 feet). The device itself is small enough to easily fit onto a key ring and the customisable app allows you to change the ringtone and colours that alert you to your phone’s location. It lasts for years on a single charge and will work even when your phone is in silent mode. As an added bonus, Phone Finder app will allow help you to find your device even when it’s out of range.

Starting Young


Tom is a young entrepreneur at 26, but his passion for engineering started even earlier.

‘My experience as a computer and software engineer started when I was around 11 years old, I always liked taking things apart – only my father made me put them back together.’ He explains, ‘It started as a Hobby.As I got older I’d take apart things that were more and more complex, even things that were still in use, and if I couldn’t put them back into a working condition I’d have to buy my Dad dinner.’

Tom is currently completing a degree in engineering after finishing his army service. When he explained the idea to a family friend, he found they were highly enthusiastic and eager to help him turn his concept into a reality – leading to investment from several friends that helped the project grow. A few months later and the first prototype was complete. The next step: Kickstarter.

With 55 days to go, Tom has raised $5,424 of $25,000 and needs your help to raise the rest. Visit his project page to get involved.