Company Name Change: Tappur

By Tony Kim

Last week I had the honor and privilege to interview two of the most aspiring entrepreneurs Tyler and Lei. When I was about to start the interview, which by the way will be coming out soon next week, they told me that they had switched their company’s name from Drumpants to Tappur. At first, I was confused by their change; however, as the interview started to go under way I finally understood their meaning behind their altercation.

I was one of the many that saw Drumpants as a technology to make music by hitting an article of clothing. What I was missing was the infinite possibilities that could come with such technology. Tyler and Lei had a bigger and larger vision that went far beyond just music. They wanted their technology to change the way people move, interact, and work. Tyler and Lei hope to make everything accessible through a touch of their clothing. Unlocking a phone, opening a door, turning on the lights are just some of the things that Tyler and Lei envision to happen in the future. That is why the company name change was needed. Tappur, one touch for everything.

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