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Designers of Things Conference Offers Valuable Experience for Hardware Entrepreneurs

By Eli Sinaiko Attention Bay Area entrepreneurs, innovators, Hardwarians and startup investors! On September 23rd and 24th the Designer of Things (DoT) conference will be held in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. The event is targeted towards … Continue reading

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New Hardware Technology sets Limits for Teen Drivers

While driving to many is a big step towards growing up, to parents it is a step scary to take. One of the leading causes of death among teenage Americans have been automobile accidents. Most of those accidents occur due … Continue reading

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3D Printing Heading to Space in 2014

3D printing may still be relatively young, but it is apparently already making its way to the final frontier. That’s right, in the same year as Richard Branson and his team most likely, 3D printing will be heading to space … Continue reading

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How to Get Product Feedback from a Focus Group

When you’re planning on investing a lot of time and money into a product idea, it’s important that you never presume to know your market. It might seem like common sense to you that people will need the invention you’ve … Continue reading

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How Decide on Pricing for Your Product

One factor that is easy to forget when you’re in the throes of creating something exciting is pricing. Often, startups and entrepreneurs will make the mistake of thinking that this is an aspect that can be left until the end … Continue reading

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Hardware Battlefield Event Offers Free Exposure and Cash Prizes for 15 Great Tech Startups

Getting noticed as a new startup can be a big challenge when you have no proven record and especially now that everyone is at it. Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply tell people about your idea – you need them … Continue reading

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Safety Standards Part Two: FCC and Food Grade Plastics

It’s always crucial to ensure that a product is safe, sometimes the nature of what you’re selling will require extra consideration and specific measures.Of course it’s crucial, when you are an inventor or manufacturer, that you develop products with a … Continue reading

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Safety Standards Part One: CPSIA and Certification

When you sell a product, there is a lot more to think about than just pricing and distribution. While profit margins might be preoccupying a lot of your thoughts, it’s also crucial to think about the impact your product is … Continue reading

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3D Printing of Personal Electronics Might be Just Around the Corner!

We set about trying to find a way in which we could actually print out a functioning electronic device from a 3D printer3D Printing is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to create custom products, either for their own personal … Continue reading

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How to Make Good Use of Customer Feedback

The feedback is a golden opportunity to see your products or services the way that your customers or clients see them and to improve your business as a result. As a business person, the most exciting part of your work … Continue reading

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