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4 Different Business Models that Hardware Startups Use to Generate Revenue

There’s a good chance that business models for hardware startups who are new to the business can often be summed up in two words: sell volume. That is to say, that the number one strategy for providing value and increasing … Continue reading

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Comparison of 4 Fulfillment Service Companies for Hardware Startups

If you’re planning on outsourcing your shipping – which might be a good idea if you’re a small business or entrepreneur – then it’s important to do your research before choosing a company to handle the job. Picking the right fulfillment … Continue reading

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“Look Before You Leap!” Great Market Research Resources For Hardware Startups

Got an idea for a hardware startup? Market research resources will protect you from hitting the market blind, and launching a product which isn’t going to be welcomed. If you launch a product without first assessing the state of the … Continue reading

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Funding for Hardware Startups: Different Stages of the Funding Process

There is more to funding for hardware startups than Kickstarter and IPOs. Depending on the stage of your idea, there are a number of different types of funding available, and there are different reasons to find that funding at each … Continue reading

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How to Perfectly Time and Execute Your Crowdfunding Campaigns from a Manufacturers Perspective

If you’re looking to succeed at crowdfunding campaigns, then you need to make sure you stack the deck to ensure the best chance of meeting your funding goals. Sure, there are a lot of highly publicized success stories from the … Continue reading

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Turn Your Crowdfunded Product Into a Hardware Startup Brand that Everyone Loves

In an ideal world, a hardware startup will begin with a great idea for a product and then translate that into a successful crowdfunding campaign. Branding shouldn’t matter at this stage; the project should be backed on the strength of … Continue reading

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10 Hardware Startups You Need to Follow in 2016

Hardware startups are in no short supply. In fact, it seems that there a hundred new hardware startups every time you turn around at the moment, and crowdfunding, along with better manufacturing tools, play no small part in the hardware … Continue reading

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Marketing for Hardware Startups: Essential Metrics You Must Follow at Product Launch

A large part of successful marketing for hardware startups is concentrating on your metrics. You could have a business model that involved giving away free gold, but if you didn’t have the right marketing to go along with it, you … Continue reading

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Product Certifications You Need To Know About

If you intend to market or manufacture your product overseas, then you will need to understand international product certifications. Product certifications essentially ensure that a product has passed various performance tests and quality assurance checks before it hits the mass … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge 3D Printing Technologies (And the New Abilities They Give You)

Whether you’re using 3D printing for prototyping or manufacturing, it is an incredible new prototyping tool that has opened all kinds of doors for hardware startups and entrepreneurs. Now anyone with some basic CAD skills can see their vision realized … Continue reading

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