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Glo-Blades – Skating on Light!

Glo-Blades – Skating on Light!

by Ralph Haney

Ends Sunday Mar 2, 1:00am EST

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Glo-Blades – Skating on Light!

Glo-Blades are a unique product concept that allows you to add beautiful pools of color to your skates. Whether you’re an ice skater or in-line skater, Glo-Blades attach easily to your blades and enhance your skating experience. They provide a glowing neon-like light around your blades, lighting up the surface beneath you for the effect of ‘Skating on Light!’ On ice, Glo-Blades create a particularly impressive effect as they magically penetrate the ice crystals and are a stunning eye-catcher.

On top of adding some style though, future Glo-Blades will also communicate wirelessly with each other, with smart phones, wi-fi, and many other wireless devices. You’ll be able to control the effects of your Glo-Blades using a patented wireless glove, and even sync effects with fellow skaters. From Night Hockey to choreographed skating shows such as Disney on Ice, all skaters will benefit from the wireless features integrated into future Glo-Blades.

The ‘Aha’ Moment


Glo-Blades creator Ralph Haney describes himself as an ‘IT guy who loves to tinker’ and talks about getting the idea for the skates as one of those ‘aha moments’ when he absent-mindedly shined a single blue LED onto the fresh ice of a local skating rink.

‘The light diffused in such a cool way… I bought five more penlights, duct-taped them to the side of my skate, and then the next time I got on the ice everyone around me shouted ‘Wow! Where’d you buy those cool skates?”

‘Most cool toys are simply a neat twist on ordinary physics of the world around us, think yo-yos or slinky. I like to think of myself as an inventor and my ultimate goal is to form an invention think tank focused on playthings. I believe Glo-Blades can help me get there!’

From ‘Aha!’ to Commercial Product


The first Glo-Blades model uses a touch-capacitive control allowing you to switch on the lights with a simple touch. Unfortunately though, Ralph didn’t have the funds to bring the idea to market on his own, which is why he took to Kickstarter with the project.

To become a reality, Glo-Blades need to reach a goal of $35,000. Currently Ralph is at $1,829 with 40 days to go, so go and help him out on his KickStarter Page