What's in this E-Book?

Many new businesses and startups looking to manufacture their products often don’t know what information they need to provide to get a confident quote from a manufacture.

After evaluating requests for quotes (rfq) with over 800 startups and working with over 200 factories, we have learned how to best prepare the information in order to communicate to the factory what needs to be made. This clarity allows our customers to get optimal pricing and confirm the manufacturing details proactively to best avoid delays and defects.

In this free E-book you will receive a checklist guide of the documents you should prepare as well as the strategy behind that preparation that allows the most effective path to market. Download this free E-book now to learn more about: Product Requirements Documentation

  • Bill of Materials
  • How to Create Clear Specifications
  • The Role of your Prototype
  • Materials and Processes
  • and much more..

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