Greg Fisher

Fisher_2176_HiRes_Cropped1 (Medium)Greg Fisher, founder of Berkeley Sourcing Group, has a strong manufacturing and engineering background, and is proficient in Mandarin.  After graduating from UC Berkeley with an engineering degree, Mr. Fisher  worked in the medical device, hard drive storage, ice cream, and professional tools industries in various management, manufacturing, and quality control capacities.  Clients he has worked with include: Walmart, MAC Tools, Stanley Tools, Snap-On, Matco, Steelman, Honda and others.

Previously serving as the quality assurance manager for JS Products Inc., an importer of professional automotive tools,  Mr. Fisher was brought into JS Products to develop a quality program from the ground up, which was successfully installed and referenced by top clients as a benchmark program for others to follow.   He managed quality control teams of engineers, inspectors, and translators in the US, the Jiangsu province in China and Kaoshiung, Taiwan.

Paul Chau

Paul ChauPaul Chau has been operating businesses in China for over 30 years. His career has spanned the areas of sourcing and developing products, quality control management, investment management, and commercial marketing both in the domestic and overseas markets. Mr. Chau has overseen the establishment and management of factories in the steel, rubber, medical device, beauty equipment, textile, automotive aftermarket, and ballistic glass industries, and has overseen the employment of over 10,000 people at one time.

Throughout his career, Mr. Chau has been responsible for the completion of well over one billion US dollars in business.  After witnessing and being a part of the development of China firsthand, Mr. Chau joined Berkeley Sourcing Group because he believes that the future lies in providing high quality goods to the international market, and he is working to be at the forefront of this development.

Mr. Chau’s customers include: Rubbermaid, Educational Insights, Columbia Medical, Classic Party Rentals, CMA Dish Machines, BrainChild, SPX, Actron, Ready Welder, Massimo, Five Oaks, Mac Tools, California Quality Plastics, ReelCraft and many others.