Perspectives on Hardware: A Farewell to Berkeley Sourcing Group

By Eli Sinaiko Over the past half year, I have worked as a Marketing Associate alongside the BSG team. During this time I have learned a vast amount about a diverse range of subjects, including hardware entrepreneurship, sourcing, the Maker … Continue reading

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2014 Reflection: My Time with BSG

By Tony Kim As 2014 has come to an end, my time as an marketing associate at BSG has also come to a close. It was truly a blessing to work with such a appreciative staff. Special mentions to Beth … Continue reading

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Shopping Guide 2014

Download the Berkeley Sourcing Group’s Holiday 2014 Shopping Guide.

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[Face of the Entrepreneur] Lei and Tyler from Tappur

-Tony Kim Have you noticed that I was writing so much about Tappur and drum pants these couple of weeks? That was because I was so excited to be interviewing them for another segment of [Face of the Entrepreneur]. Tyler … Continue reading

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Company Name Change: Tappur

By Tony Kim Last week I had the honor and privilege to interview two of the most aspiring entrepreneurs Tyler and Lei. When I was about to start the interview, which by the way will be coming out soon next … Continue reading

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Tappur: DrumPants – An Entire Band in your Pocket Kickstarter

By Tony Kim Kickstarter has been a great location for venture capitalist as well as common customers to find out what the next big thing really is. For those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is, Kickstarter is a global … Continue reading

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A Wearable Future

By Eli Sinaiko In recent years, the concept of wearable technology has primarily been applied to fitness. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pair of compression shorts that monitor your blood pressure and heart rate? Or a pair of socks … Continue reading

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Astro Studios Work

By Tony Kim Here at Berkeley Sourcing Group, we are dedicated in helping the hardware revolution take place. One place that has really supported entrepreneurs and other companies to achieve success in this market has been Astro Studios. Astro Studios has … Continue reading

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The Face of the Entrepreneur: An Interview with Mark Delman

By Eli Sinaiko Berkeley Sourcing Group spoke with Mark Delman- seasoned marketing professional, businessman, and entrepreneur. Among other things, Mark is the proud creator of the BriteTap Poultry Waterer, a device that provides poultry owners with an affordable and effective way to supply … Continue reading

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A Handbook for the Hardware Entrepreneur

By Eli Sinaiko Taking an idea, no matter how great, and making it tangible is no easy process. This is doubly true for hardware entrepreneurs. As the saying goes, “Hardware is Hard.” Fortunately, the revolutionary crowdfunding website IndieGoGo created and … Continue reading

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