3D Printer Headed To Space

By Tony Kim It took one team of entrepreneurs to ask one question: What do we need to live on the moon? The answer they came up with was a 3D printer that can work in space. 3D printing has brought so much attention to the hardware and software industry. Having mainly been used for prototyping in the previous years, now 3D printing has been used to create cars, clothes, shoes, tools, and basically everything that mind can think of. For Made In Space, the team that created the 3d printer for space, the printer would become the supply line for … Continue reading

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Wearable Tech Gaining Stylistic Traction?

By Eli Sinaiko Wearables: pieces of technology which balance form and function in one object. Wearable tech has often seemed like an intangible aspiration forever relegated to daydreams of a future which would never arrive. As many children who worshipped Star Wars growing up can relate, fantasy, adventures and wearable technology all go together nicely. Speaking from experience, who hasn’t ever wanted a lightsaber or a jetpack? Unfortunately for us Star Wars fans, these devices are probably unlikely to materialize in the near future. Wearable technology though, is on the rise. On September 9th Apple released the Apple Watch , a device … Continue reading

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Connecting Genders with a Simple Design

By Tony Kim Toy stores for the past decade have divided toys into two aisle: one for female and one for males. The segregation of toys have not made it only difficult for parents, but also, installed the idea of gender segregation early on within children’s lives. As girls all have their personal barbie dolls and males have their hotwheel cars, even without the children knowing, they are being separated, expected to have different roles, characteristics, and preferences. One entrepreneur and project designer named Dan Nguyen wanted to fix all this. He wanted to build a toy with a simple … Continue reading

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Untapped Novelty to be Found in Connected Toys

By Eli Sinaiko This summer I took a two week trip to Italy. And I’m not writing that to instill jealousy. It was a great time and the relaxation was much appreciated. But while I was there, I noticed an interesting common of nearly every town and city I visited.They all had a square, often near the population center, where tourists and locals and people from all walks of life congregated. Whether they were making plans, on their way somewhere, or just hanging out and people-watching, the square was usually bustling. Many of the larger squares were inhabited by people (presumably … Continue reading

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Wearable Worlds and Its Impact

by Tony Kim Wearable World and Its Impact With movies such as Iron Man and Spy Kids, wearable technology has always been a part of a child’s fantasy. Being able to talk to your phone,  record with your glasses, and play virtual video games have been just a figment of our imagination back in the days, but now it has truly become reality. Wearable Worlds provides a place where all businesses working on wearable hardware technology can come share their inventions and create a place to foster the blend of technology. Goal and Purpose Wearable World’s primary goal according to … Continue reading

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What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

By Eli Sinaiko Not everybody can be an entrepreneur. Individuals who are not entrepreneurs can be broken into two categories. The first category consists of people who would be entrepreneurs if not for external circumstances such as financial constraints or socioeconomic privilege to prevent them from achieving that outcome. The second group is composed of people who have the means to be entrepreneurs but have no desire or motive to do so and therefore do not. If we examine the former category, we can create another dichotomy within this grouping.   Of the individuals who would be entrepreneurs if not … Continue reading

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Chinese Hardware Technology on the Rise

By Tony Kim Due to the already established factories as well as a vast amount of workers available, all China needs to become a world leader in technology are ideas. Those ideas are coming into light right now. With companies such as Xiaomi projected to sell more than 60 million phones in 2014 as well as Debth-Vr and its interactive 3d monitors, China is having a strong push in its hardware and software technology. There are so many companies that are coming out that may possibly be better technologically to American powerhouses such as Apple, Oculus Rift, and Google. China will no longer … Continue reading

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Designers of Things Conference Offers Valuable Experience for Hardware Entrepreneurs

By Eli Sinaiko Attention Bay Area entrepreneurs, innovators, Hardwarians and startup investors! On September 23rd and 24th the Designer of Things (DoT) conference will be held in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. The event is targeted towards helping prospective startup founders learn to formulate, quantify, and implement strategies designed to develop a well-designed, error-free product ready to introduce to the masses. The DoT conference includes keynote lectures, information sessions, mock pitch sessions, hands-on seminars, and marketing tips. The conference represents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs with big ideas who are seeking practical guidance and experience in entrepreneurship … Continue reading

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New Hardware Technology sets Limits for Teen Drivers

While driving to many is a big step towards growing up, to parents it is a step scary to take. One of the leading causes of death among teenage Americans have been automobile accidents. Most of those accidents occur due to measures of unsafe driving such as speeding as well as being distracted by friends, music, and phone. Two new hardward technology from Ford and General Motors ,however, may make it easier for parents to let their children loose. Ford MyKey The Ford MyKEY allows a parents to set the maximum speed to be set at any MPH. The car … Continue reading

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Skully Helmet

With an funding goal of just $250,000, Skully Helmet, the world’s “smartest” helmet, did not expect such a flamboyant start to their crowdfunding campaign. Within just 6 minutes of the campaign, their goal of $250,000 was surpassed and within 45 hours, Skully Helmet was able to rack in 1 million dollars from an average of $1,425 contribution per contributor using Indiegogo, a crowd-funding site. What are Skully Helmets? So what about these new helmets are investors lining up to invest? Skully Helmets focuses its technology and design to give the rider not only safer ride, but also a taste of the … Continue reading

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