Where Else to Sell Your Geeky Products After You Make Them: Brick & Mortar Stores

Every entrepreneur has envisioned their product to be on the shelves of big box stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Target etc. It is the most traditional model for selling a physical product, and can be split into big box … Continue reading

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Where To Sell Your Geeky Products After You Make Them: E-Commerce and Other Online Platforms

You’ve done all the hard work of creating the perfect product, but where are you going to sell it? Even if you have a great marketing team, selling on your own website doesn’t always create the type of high sell-through/ … Continue reading

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Creating Your Own E-Commerce Store

There are a thousand things you have to do while bringing a product into the market. One of these things is figuring out how to sell directly to your customer.  An effective way to generate early revenue and show traction … Continue reading

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The Strategy Behind Prototyping

There is a lot more to effective prototyping than just the process of making the prototype.  Done the right way, you can learn a tremendous amount of information from each round of prototyping…here’s how! Preparation Like most anything in life, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Having a Plan (and some tips on how to make one)

A lot of clients that come to us have good ideas and some real market potential, but are easily stumped when I ask them the simple question, “What is your plan”.  This is a simple litmus test from my point … Continue reading

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August 12th East Bay Hardware Startup’s Event Recap

On Aug 13th, The East Bay Hardware Startup group held its first Hardware Massive event for its at NextSpace Berkeley. Around 50 hardwarians came to network and hear CEO Colin Owen from Sparse talk about the trials of a bootstrapped … Continue reading

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Sea Turtle Sports Case Study

Why We Launched SeaTurtle Sports SeaTurtle Sports began with a simple goal in mind: get family and friends together and away from the distractions of our busy world. We wanted to rekindle the joy we experienced gathering together on lazy … Continue reading

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July 8th East Bay Hardware Startup Meetup Recap

On July 8th, East Bay Hardware Startup meetup held another meetup at Impact Hub Oakland. Around 40 people came to the event to listen to our speaker, Professor Naeem Zafar from UC Berkeley. Meetup was divided into 3 sessions: networking, … Continue reading

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Global Export Strategies Forum Keynote Announcement: Greg Fisher

We are pleased to announce that on July 23rd, Greg Fisher, CEO of Berkeley Sourcing Group will be doing a keynote series in China with the Global Export Strategies Forum. The Global Export Strategies Forum is a forum about export … Continue reading

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June 25th East Bay Hardware Meetup Event Recap

Last Thursday on June 25th, the East Bay Hardware Startups held their monthly meetup in San Pablo at their brand new community center. It was sponsored by Berkeley Sourcing Group, and Solidcon.   This month’s presentation was given by Greg Fisher, … Continue reading

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