Designers of Things Conference Offers Valuable Experience for Hardware Entrepreneurs

Attention Bay Area entrepreneurs, innovators, Hardwarians and startup investors! On September 23rd and 24th the Designer of Things (DoT) conference will be held in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. The event is targeted towards helping prospective startup founders learn to formulate, quantify, and implement strategies designed to develop a well-designed, error-free product ready to introduce to the masses. The DoT conference includes keynote lectures, information sessions, mock pitch sessions, hands-on seminars, and marketing tips. The conference represents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs with big ideas who are seeking practical guidance and experience in entrepreneurship and in working … Continue reading

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New Hardware Technology sets Limits for Teen Drivers

While driving to many is a big step towards growing up, to parents it is a step scary to take. One of the leading causes of death among teenage Americans have been automobile accidents. Most of those accidents occur due to measures of unsafe driving such as speeding as well as being distracted by friends, music, and phone. Two new hardward technology from Ford and General Motors ,however, may make it easier for parents to let their children loose. Ford MyKey The Ford MyKEY allows a parents to set the maximum speed to be set at any MPH. The car … Continue reading

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Skully Helmet

With an funding goal of just $250,000, Skully Helmet, the world’s “smartest” helmet, did not expect such a flamboyant start to their crowdfunding campaign. Within just 6 minutes of the campaign, their goal of $250,000 was surpassed and within 45 hours, Skully Helmet was able to rack in 1 million dollars from an average of $1,425 contribution per contributor using Indiegogo, a crowd-funding site. What are Skully Helmets? So what about these new helmets are investors lining up to invest? Skully Helmets focuses its technology and design to give the rider not only safer ride, but also a taste of the … Continue reading

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Hardware Innovators Use Burning Man to Unwind

Burning Man, that awesome annual assemblage in Nevada’s nondescript Black Rock Desert, is almost upon us. Each year, tens of thousands of people gather in this otherwise austere land for a festival of art and music. Among the vast hordes of people that flock to Burning Man in late August are folks who enjoy building and making things- carpenters, roboticists, engineers, entrepreneurs and more. Unsurprisingly labeled “Makers,” this creative cohort is largely responsible for the iconic sculptures, structures and ‘hexayurts’ dotting the Black Rock Desert landscape each year. From an outside perspective, Burning Man appears to be just like your typical … Continue reading

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The Headphones of the Future?

It is difficult to stop oneself from losing productivity to daydreams about owning these headphones. Fortunately, thanks to an incredibly successful crowd-funding campaign which has raised over half a million dollars, you can either secure your own pair of OwnPhones by contributing to the Kickstarter initiative or hope that they eventually will be sold online or in stores. Itamer Jobani, founder of OwnPhones and an avid jogger, came up with the idea in response to his earbuds constantly falling out while he exercised. A tailored fit to the unique infrastructure of a buyer’s ear is the main draw of OwnPhones. However, … Continue reading

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Virtual College Tours By Facebook

With the acquisition of Oculus Rift, Facebook is now looking to utilize the virtual reality headset to help students and parents find the college of their dreams. “Want to visit the college of your dreams to find out if you like it? Well, you don’t have to get on a plane or even drive there. You can take a tour and go from one Ivy League school to another in seconds.” Oculus Rift with YouVisit The Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets have been the pioneers for bringing the virtual world into reality. Boasting its low latency tracking technology as well … Continue reading

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3D Printing Heading to Space in 2014

3D printing may still be relatively young, but it is apparently already making its way to the final frontier. That’s right, in the same year as Richard Branson and his team most likely, 3D printing will be heading to space courtesy of NASA.US space agency NASA will be launching a 3D printer into space sometime next year to help with the manufacturing of spare parts and tools for space stations in zero gravity conditions. A (3D) Space Odyssey Specifically, US space agency NASA will be launching a 3D printer into space sometime next year to help with the manufacturing of … Continue reading

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How to Get Product Feedback from a Focus Group

When you’re planning on investing a lot of time and money into a product idea, it’s important that you never presume to know your market. It might seem like common sense to you that people will need the invention you’ve come up with, but once you actually release it, you could end up being surprised. There may be factors that you overlooked, or it may be that a design element would put off a large part of your demographic. There is also a chance that the demographic you choose to target might not be the right one. Hence, it’s important … Continue reading

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Efficient Products – How to Reduce Waste and Cut Overheads

These days every business should strive to be as green and efficient as possible. That means making sure that you don’t create any waste, that you are as efficient as you can be, and that your business model is generally eco-friendly to begin with. For entrepreneurs and start-ups selling products, this is no different. Going green will at once help you to reduce your overheads and save money and help you to create a clean image that will help you sell more. Going green will at once help you to reduce your overheads and save money and help you to … Continue reading

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A Great List of Helpful Resources for Hardware Startups

Entering the hardware industry is no straightforward task and presents a range of challenges to any startup or entrepreneur that’s willing to throw their hat into the ring. Thankfully though, you’re not on your own and there are many others who have gone before you. To help make life a little easier there are a huge range of resources and tools out there available for those who are willing to look for them, and these can make all the difference to your success. Read on for a list of some of the most useful resources for anyone developing hardware.To help … Continue reading

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