Where Are The Top Ten Hardware Startups Now?

Back in 2013, Venture Beat did an article featuring 10 of the best hardware startups to watch – based on data from Mattermark. Now that we’re well into 2016 and these companies have had time to get their products in … Continue reading

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Getting your Hardware Product into Retail with Amy Wenslow of Product to Profits

Amy Wenslow is the CEO of Products to Profits, a consulting company that specializes in helping small businesses & hardware startups get their products onto the shelves of retail stores. There aren’t a lot of resources focused on how to … Continue reading

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5 Important Considerations When Sourcing Hardware Products Online

The time has come for you to find a manufacturing partner that can produce your hardware product. You want to take advantage of an overseas manufacturing strategy and you heard of this website called Alibaba where factories are lined up … Continue reading

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Hardware Startup of the Week: UpCart

Here at BSG, we talk a lot about electronic based gadgets or devices seeing as that’s the focus of most hardware startup these days. But we’re not only interested in electronics. There’s a lot we can learn from looking at … Continue reading

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How we’re re-defining the “Hardware Startup” at BSG

If I asked you to define what a hardware startup is, you might likely say it’s a company making some sort of gadget that has electronics. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area the definition of a hardware … Continue reading

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Too Much Shrimp, or, The Curse of the MOQ

Anyone who’s ever stepped into a Costco is familiar with the concept behind a “Minimum Order Quantity” (MOQ): “Buy 10 or more for 10% off”. And while you might be tempted by ten pounds of Cap’n Haddock’s Spicy Teriyaki Shrimp, … Continue reading

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Hardware Startup of the Week: Nascent

Nascent is a modular system that is designed to change the way you construct and use your gadgets. More specifically, it is a system that you can use to create any number of the products that you use on a … Continue reading

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Hardware Startup of the Week: Panono

With the advent of true VR literally just around the corner, several companies have decided to focus on the content side of that equation. VR isn’t just about computer games and conferencing – it’s also about immersive media and the … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Cash Flow for Hardware Startups

You just successfully crowdfunded your hardware product and you finally have some revenue in the bank. Congratulations, things are looking up. However, I am sure like most hardware entrepreneurs you didn’t spend countless hours developing your product just to get to … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Blindsided Without Knowing Your Battery Shipping Rules and Regulations

For hardware startups it can sometimes seem like there are a million and one things you have to worry about before you can take your idea to market. Well, get ready for one more: shipping batteries! If you’re product is … Continue reading

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