Hardware Startup of the Week: KAISR Original

A hardware startup doesn’t need to change the world to be highly successful – and it doesn’t even need to be particularly complicated. In fact, sometimes the simple ideas are the best ones. Few companies demonstrate this better than Amsterdam-based KAISR Original, creators of the same-named ‘KAISR’ inflatable air lounger. Let’s see what we can learn from this week’s Hardware Startup of the Week.

KAISR Inflatable SeatWhat is KAISR?

KAISR is one of those products that successfully identifies a need and fulfils it. Specifically, KAISR is designed to solve the problem of how to relax when you’re hiking or exploring, and you reach a scenic spot to chill. Do you sit down in the snow? On the stony beach? On wet rocks?

Previously, the only alternative would be to carry some kind of folding chair. And most often, these would be heavy, bulky and not particularly comfortable!

KAISR is different. This is a large inflatable seat that you can lie back on and that folds neatly into a small, light bag that you can easily carry around with you. There’s no need for a pump and it deflates within seconds. KAISR Original believes that the seat can not only provide you a much more convenient way to relax wherever you are (including festivals!), but also that it can be a great conversation starter and way to meet new people!

KAISR Inflatable SeatSuccess so Far

And so far, it seems that the startup has really hit a nerve! KAISR has managed to raise a very impressive $3,788,224 on IndieGoGo which is a huge 19868% of their original goal! The goal was met 7 days ago, and now the company is waiting to receive the funds so that it can begin getting to work.

What We Can learn

So what can we learn from the success of KAISR? Well, as mentioned earlier, this is a great example that sometimes simple is best. KAISR is a simple solution to a straightforward problem and the results speak for themselves! There are no electronic components and no complex engineering challenges here (other than the choice of durable-yet-lightweight material), so the barriers to market were relatively small. But there was a clear niche here and obviously the company managed to meet a demand and fill a void. And the timing of the release can’t have hurt either – with the campaign running in Spring and ready for summer!

KAISR inflatable seatIf you can find a genuine need and meet it with a simple idea, then you have the seeds of a highly successful product on your hands. So ask yourself: what would make your life that little bit easier?

And as always, let us know what you make of KAISR in the comments below. Why do you think it was such a hit? What lessons do you take away from this?

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