Hardware Startup of the Week: Prynt

Coming up with a new idea for a hardware product is a great way to find a USP and to stand out in the market. Everyone is always looking for that next big thing that will change the world in the way that other disruptive technologies have.

But sometimes the answer is not to create something new, but rather to improve on something old. That’s exactly what the hardware startup Prynt has done with its product offering. This is a device that actually improves on another product that has been around for a long time now!

Hardware Startup of the Week: PryntWhat It Is

Prynt got its funding from Kickstarter, raising a whopping $1,576,011, massively surpassing the goal of $50,000. Like many startups on the site, Prynt is the name of both the company and the device that is being pitched.

So what is Prynt? Simply put, it’s the logical update to the Polaroid. The Polaroid of course, was a highly popular camera that could print as soon as a photo was taken. Prynt does the exact same thing, but brings that functionality to your smartphone. So by enveloping your device with the Prynt case, you can then take photos as you normally would, and have them instantly printed in seconds.

It also gives you access to some other cool features including filters and an augmented reality aspect that lets you see photos come to life as short animations when viewed through your device (think Harry Potter).

Hardware Startup of the Week: PryntWhy it Works

Other than the smart move of bringing an older product into the digital age (which is ironic seeing as Polaroid itself has been trying and struggling to do that for decades), Prynt addresses a very real problem for people who are taking more and more photos but never doing anything with them.

As Forbes put it:

“Prynt is perfect for those of us that want to quickly frame a photo shortly after taking them — without having to worry about ordering copies online or printing them at a retail store.”

Hardware Startup of the Week: PryntThe device is also a great fit for the current hipster movement and its close affiliation with Instagram. NBC said it was ‘like Instagram but in real life’. TechCrunch similarly explained it as being ‘a Snapchat that you can hand off to someone and so much more’.

Much like Instagram, you also have the option to add filters to your photos.

And in tall these regards we could even view Prynt as being almost skeuomorphic… almost anachronistic in the best ways. It’s finding the gap where technology hasn’t quite been able to replicate the benefits of older analogue solutions and bringing that into the digital age. What other retro gadgets and tools could benefit from that treatment?

Shipments began rolling out back in December, and the company is now working on improving the app and the features that it offers to users. Stay up to date with the company by visiting the website here. Also, be sure to sign up to the mailing list, or bookmark the site for more hardware startup stories and tips for small businesses!

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